Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/2/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/2/17


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Kevin: I set up a secure line if I need to reach you or if you need to reach me. You have the burners, right?

Dylan: Yeah, I got it. Use the burner phones once and get rid of them.

Kevin: Don't just get rid of them. Drive over them with your car, pick up the pieces, and toss them in a swamp.

Sharon: Oh, really? Exposing Hilary at a fundraiser wasn't an attempt to destroy her publicly?

Mariah: Hilary is a human cockroach -- nothing can destroy her. I did a public service. She has pulled a million nasty tricks and gotten away with it. She turned GC Buzz into trash TV.

Sharon: GC Buzz was already trash before Hilary got there.

Mariah: Well, that's why Devon bought it, so he could turn it into something different, something less disgusting. But Hilary's ego fed on every internet comment. She got down and rolled around in the dirt, cackling the whole time.

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