Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/29/16

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 12/29/16


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Nikki: What are you up to?

Victor: You'll see.

Hilary: ...Heated swimming pool, lush gardens, luxurious spa, and its very own winery. Relax on the terrace after a day of pampering with a decadent glass of wine, made with grapes grown in the very fields which you gaze upon. The winner of this amazing package will share in the secrets of these magnificent vintages created by the Frémaux family for many years. You'll enjoy a guided tour of the vineyard and the cellars, capped off with your very own private tasting with acclaimed enologist Gerald Duchaussoy. Stroll through the picturesque grapevines, but be careful that you don't slip and fall flat on your face, because someone yanked one of those vines, like I did to Mariah on live TV.

Devon: Hey, what the hell did you just do?

Mariah: It's time everyone knows the truth about who your wife really is.

Neil: Is this true?

Mariah: Yes, it's true! Hilary is so insecure that she made sure that I would never take her place again!

Hilary: Oh, see right there? So it's your revenge. Mm.

Mariah: No. Consider it my resignation. If it takes being sneaky and tacky and low to get to the top, you can have it. And guess what? You can have her. Good luck.

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