Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/28/16

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 12/28/16


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Ashley: Is this amazing, Jack? I mean, can you believe they did all of this in such a short amount of time?

Jack: I am very grateful to everyone for their hard work. I got to say this -- it sticks in my craw that I owe that man anything.

Abby: Hmm, if you're talking about my dad, he saved your bacon.

Neil: Ooh, she's got you there, Jack.

Abby: Yeah, I mean, he gave you this primo location when your first one fell through so you didn't have to cancel, refund tickets. I mean, without my dad, there would be no benefit.

Neil: She's got you there again, Jack. Didn't charge us a nickel, did he?

Jack: Oh, trust me. Victor got his pound of flesh.

Faith: [Giggles] You're not going to the party, are you?

Nick: What gave that away?

Faith: You're dressed like that, and Grandpa's dressed like that.


Nick: What are you talking about?

Victor: Yes.

Nick: Are you trying to say I don't look as good as this guy? I mean, look at me.

Victor: Huh?

Faith: No. Sorry, Dad.


Faith: So, is it just you and Christian tonight?

Nick: I'm gonna hang out. I think Chelsea's gonna come over, she's gonna bring Connor, and, you know, we'll watch the ball drop on TV.

Faith: You could do all of that here with me while Grandma and Grandpa are at their benefit thingy.

Nick: Well, you know what, that is the best invitation I've had all year.

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