Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/23/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 12/23/16


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Noah: [Scoffs] Grandpa thinks I'm, like, going through a phase or something, you know? I mean, maybe one of these days he's gonna wake up and realize this is just who I am.

Abby: And what's that? A career bartender? You do make a killer mojito, though.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh, there is nothing like putting off Christmas shopping until the stores are locking up and the last minute Santa -- whoa. Whoa. Where did Christmas go?

Sharon: Faith's not gonna be here.

Mariah: Right. You know what? I feel so bad for all of those, you know, holiday salespeople. They have to listen to the same recorded carols over and over and over again since before Halloween. It's like their eyes are glazed over, like it's "Night of the Living Dead: Holiday Edition." So, um, what do you say? Do you guys want to get some hot chocolate going, put on some tunes, maybe open some presents?

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