Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 11/16/16

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/16/16


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Travis: She's upstairs getting the birthday girl ready for the big event. I can take her the phone if you want.

Abby: No, no, that's okay. Glamour is far more important than a phone call. I just wanted to see if she needed anything for the party.

Billy: So, you're a professional runner? Is that why you're in town? You're here on running business?

Michelle: [Laughs] Running business? What would that be exactly?

Billy: I don't know. Maybe you're running a race or something.

Michelle: Do I look like I'm preparing for a race?

Billy: I'm just trying to throw things out there.

Michelle: [Laughs]

Billy: Figuring out what kind of business you're in, because you know what, if it was Abbott business, I would know about it. If it was Newman business, you probably would have poured coffee on me by now.

Michelle: Are those the only two options?

Billy: In this town, yeah. Yeah, it is. All right. You don't want to talk business, we can talk pleasure. I'm all ears with that.

Michelle: Maybe another time. I got to -- I got to get my heart rate back up. It's nice to finally meet Ashley's infamous little brother.

Billy: Nice to be met, Michelle. Have a good jog. Ashley, it's your infamous little brother.

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