Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/14/16

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/14/16


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Victoria: Really? Coming home drunk, accusing you of starting trouble, when I invited you here to help you plan Katherine's birthday party, not that you need an invitation. I mean, you are their father, after all. And I thought he was gonna take a swing at you.

Billy: Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Hey, at least we didn't end up in a jail cell together, although that was self-defense...kind of.

Victoria: You actually think this is funny, Billy?

Billy: I get the guy. Hell, I was that guy. And I think you're being a little hard on him.

Billy: And maybe he's not so wrong about me messing with you and trying to interfere with your relationship.

Victoria: Why would you do that?

Billy: 'Cause you know why. Because I'm an idiot. Come on. I mean... [Sighs] I had you, I had all this, and I screwed it up. Came home drunk. You kicked me out. I lied. I lied again.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: We started all over again. And then Travis shows up, all perfect, you know? I figured if I could scuff him up a little bit and show that there's a chink in the armor, then maybe things wouldn't work out with the two of you and I wouldn't look so... terrible in comparison. Truth is, he's -- he's different than me... in all the right ways. He's not a bad guy, Vick.

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