Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/11/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/11/16


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Noah: There it is. You're not a friend of my dad's. You're just a reporter, aren't you?

Reporter: Well...

Noah: Let me ask you something. What gives you the right to dig into my family's private matters? What? You gonna say the first amendment? Listen to me. The freedom of the press originated as an instrument for public good. Now, there is good in transparency, knowing what your government's up to, knowing what policies your elected officials are proposing, or, I don't know, what crimes are being committed in the community. But what good is there from this tabloid or ax story that you're writing about my family, hmm? You know what? Forget it. Let's do this. You think about your deepest and darkest secret. And just by looking at you, I can tell it's a doozy, right? Now, do you think there's some public good in the world knowing your secret? I'd think about that. And in the meantime, you want a comment from me? Get the hell out of here, and stay away from my family. That's my comment. [Sighs]

Victoria: [Sighs] How do you do it? How do you have me wanting to kill you one minute and then... I'm cracking up the next minute?

Billy: Well, some people have a natural charm about them. Not me, of course. But some people do.

Victoria: Right, well, the evidence suggests otherwise based on the fact that I keep marring you.

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