Best Y&R Lines Monday 9/26/16

Y&R Best Lines Monday 9/26/16


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Victoria: Oh, please don't imagine. Please.

Jill: I'm just saying I understand. This is like some fling that you enjoy when you're on vacation before you come back home, but you always come back home.

Victoria: Travis is not a vacation. He is not a rebound. He is not a phase. What we have is real, and he's not going anywhere. In fact... I invited him to move in officially.

John: Jack, he's your brother. You can't just sever ties.

Jack: I think Billy did that when he slept with my wife.

John: Yes. He made a grievous mistake, one that's shaken you to your core. But you are brothers, flesh and blood. You have to find a way to forgive him.

Jack: Why? Why? I have been helping him his whole life, cleaning up his messes, sitting vigil over the wreck that is his life, giving him chance after chance after chance, making excuses for his every failure. There is no excuse for what he's done! None! I don't forgive him! I will not forgive him! And I have had it to here for this endless cycle of Billy and his pain.

John: Hmm. Jackie, perhaps you recall you lost Jabot to Victor. My life's work. And I forgave you. You slept with my wife. And I forgave you. Now, if I can move beyond what I suffered at your hands, you can find forgiveness for Billy.

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