Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 8/9/16

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 8/9/16


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Lily: I want to find the person who thought of this summer project and pummel them with construction paper and glue.

Cane: Hang on a second. You don't think this is cute?

Lily: What?

Cane: You don't think that writing our family members' names on apples and gluing them to a paper tree is cute? What is wrong with you?

Lily: Oh, yeah, it's adorable. Especially because you get to go to work while I stay here and I deal with the mayhem and the questions.

Cane: No, no, no, no. I'm not shirking my responsibilities because I'm the one who wrote the names out so they can now stick them on the apples.

Cane: So, what did she promise you?

Victoria: She promised me a chance to reshape the future of this brand.

Cane: Meaning she offered you a chance to regain control of your old company.

Victoria: Well, meaning she gave me a chance to help save it. After I saw your terrible marketing idea -- which, by the way, would only appeal to a herd of Neanderthals -- I felt morally obligated to pitch in.

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