Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/26/16

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/26/16


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Jack: There was a time I thought Billy and Victoria had a chance to put things back together. They have tried time and again. They make each other miserable, Jill.

Jill: Ah. Look at that lonely, unmarried woman. Does she look happy and content to you?

Jack: Her father just got out of prison. I’m sure she has more on her mind than just romance.

Jill: You know, Billy used to be Victoria’s support system against Victor, which she sorely needs. And Victoria was Billy's common sense, which obviously he needs. The truth is, the two of them are better together. They're just too stubborn to admit it.

Victor: What about your other daughter? I had her taken care of. That was our agreement. I have the ability to take her away, as well.

Chloe: Yeah, go ahead. You try and take Bella away from me, and I will tell every single person that you hired me to frame Adam. I mean, how many laws did we break together? Um, uh, too many to count. And all of this? All of this will go away for good. No one can hurt me, Victor, not even you.

Victor: You have overstayed your welcome, okay?

Nikki: Victor, dinner's ready!

Chloe: Oh! You know what? I'm starving. Should we just have a nice homecoming dinner?

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