Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/22/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 7/22/16


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Phyllis: Well, they are not going to hear it from me. Am I grateful that Victor saved my life? Fine. He is my hero. Do I think I owe him one? No. Because nothing that man can say or do will make up for what I went through, and I thought you all understood that. Not that it surprises me the two of you have fallen back in line with one another. I guess it was only a matter of time. But you, Nick -- I expected more from you. I thought you still had your principles.

Nick: I do.

Phyllis: Really? Because Iím not seeing them. Because I cannot believe that youíre okay with this. The things your father did to the mother of your child, and youíre acting like itís water under the bridge.

Nick: Not even close.

Phyllis: Well, then, correct me, please. Because from where I'm standing, Victor's only six months into his prison sentence and you think that that is punishment.

Adam: This is really disappointing, actually. It's so obvious what you're doing. Youíre clearly using them to get out of here, and then once you do, thereís gonna be hell to pay, right? By them, of course.

Victor: You're wrong.

Adam: I'm wrong. Iím glad I'm not gonna be around to see it, to tell you the truth -- your family groveling at your feet, apologizing for ever turning their back on you while you systematically shove a knife in theirs.

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