Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/15/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 7/15/16


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Dr. Neville: How’d you find me?

Ashley: Deductive reasoning.

Dr. Neville: I’m unfamiliar with whatever that is.

Ashley: Well, you're easy to find. You should know that about yourself -- you’re easy to find.

Dr. Neville: A more pertinent question is, "Why did you find me?" I mean, why bother? I got the distinct feeling you were thoroughly done with me. And understandably so. Everything you said was justified -- my passion for the work, my arrogance, my desperation for a cure. They all conspired to cloud my judgment, but I never meant to be reckless with Hilary’s life. [Sighs] If only...

Dr. Neville: I would think you’d be happy to wash your hands of me.

Ashley: Nope. You’re not finished with me yet, Neville. Mnh. Whew! You can’t walk away from your patients, especially not Hilary. There are no other physicians on this planet that know the ins and outs of her case like you do, so you have to keep treating her.

Dr. Neville: She doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Ashley: I know.

Dr. Neville: You just said she thinks I'm trying to end her life.

Ashley: And you have to change her mind, and you have to convince her that she needs your help, because I honestly believe that you are the only one that can save her.

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