Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/12/16

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/16


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Dr. Neville: Have you ever asked yourself what separates a pop-fly from a home run?

Ashley: No.  It's never occurred to me.

Dr. Neville: Or how, uh, a rising fastball is even possible, when theoretically, it's impossible?

Ashley: Why are you talking about baseball things?

Dr. Neville: Or how a really good batter can close his eyes in the last 0.15 seconds, while the ball is screaming at him, and still hit the sweet spot? Eyes wide shut.

Ashley: Okay Neville, please! What is happening with the drug? Is it working?  

Dr. Neville: Like Hank Aaron in his prime.

Cane: Okay, now, this is Al, and Al's the reason I'm here, because Jill thinks that all of this is an insult to Katherine, and she wants the house back in its original look.

Billy: I mean, it's paint, for God's sake. Who cares? No offense, Al, but it's blue. Who cares?

Cane: Actually, it's not blue. It's Navajo gray.

Billy: Doesn't matter if it's magenta, Cane, okay? This is a house. It's not a shrine to Katherine, who, by the way, would applaud the fact there's actually living going on in here.

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