Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/8/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 7/8/16


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Adam: Let me ask you a question. Do you suppose there's a family on the face of the planet that is more jacked up than mine?

Chelsea: Maybe somewhere, but Iím having trouble thinking about one at the moment.

Adam: Yeah, me too. Of course, I guess itís probably not fair to blame the entire family, right? I mean, it was just the one guy. He's the whole reason why we were there in the courtroom in the first place. And then he changes his story, right, and he comes to my aid. What the hell is he thinking? It makes you wonder why he went to all the trouble.

Sharon: Nor mine.

Sharon: The thing is, about my condition, is you experience these highs and lows. Like everything is amplified or intensified, for better or for worse. And when I was first diagnosed, I felt that my meds might be robbing me of something, like my feelings. But I later learned that I was wrong about that. What the disorder was doing to me and to my relationships, I never want to live like that ever again. But the way that I was seeing Sage all the time, it just -- it really got to me. And now Iíve learned my lesson, and Iím back on track, and I'm gonna stay that way.

Mariah: And I believe you.

Kevin: I believe you, too. What I can't believe is that Mariah is now voluntarily hugging people.

Mariah: Okay, shut up.

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