Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/4/16

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/4/16


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Nikki: Well, you’re never gonna get away with this. Because the police are already looking for me.

Ian: And my pal Paul will be leading the charge, huh? But you have a point, Nikki. Paul would shoot to kill to save you. That makes you a liability. So maybe the right move would be to get rid of you so that I can be alone with Phyllis, here, enjoying some quality time. Yeah. My beauties. Oh, God, I have such great taste in hostages.

Nikki: If Victor dies, I hope you rot in hell.

Ian: The man dumped you. Get over him! Phyllis, where's your laptop? I want to check to see if Iím on the news. Breaking news.

Phyllis: Go to hell.

Ian: Oh. [Chuckles] All right. Iíll find it myself. Oh, you two gals don't go anywhere now, you hear?

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