Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/27/16

Y&R Best Lines Monday 6/27/16


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Kevin: I-I know. You hate him. He doesn't trust you. It's not the most natural relationship ever. But someone is sabotaging Newman's oil division. Victor's the most likely suspect, but there was computer work involved.

Natalie: So you thought, "Oh, well, no one else in the entire world knows how to work a computer. It must be the girl I’m sleeping with." I’m legit now, Kevin. Pass Key made me a player, not a hacker. And let’s go back to the part where I hate Victor Newman.

Kevin: Which I just said, but here's the thing, Natalie -- why does all the cyber evidence lead directly to you?

Natalie: Who’s your friend?

Mariah: Her? She’s just some hacker who made a huge security program and wants to cut me in on the profits. She’s awesome. You wouldn't know her.

Natalie: I knew it. You do know hackers.

Mariah: It’s a joke, Swizzle Stick. Do you really not get jokes by now?

Natalie: I can never tell if anything you say is serious.

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