Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/27/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/27/16


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Jill: So, Billy and this... bimbo that he picked up were prancing around in sheets like -- like it was some toga party in my house -- my house. I mean, I couldn't even recognize it. For a moment, I was praying that I'd walked into the wrong place. I didn't ask him if he'd had the good sense to store the furniture and the rugs. I mean, some of those carpets are over 150 years old. Do you know that? Katherine probably spun the wool herself.

Jack: Katherine's been gone for three years. You still want to take shots at her?

Jill: Old habits die hard, Jack. Anyway, we're talking about Billy here, okay? And what you've done to make him spiral out of control this way.

Billy: Really, Bethany? Couldn't come up with anything more original than the ol' "forgot the bra" trick?

Luca: Leopard. Huh. Somehow I pictured you in something less tacky.

Billy: Get lost, Santori.

Luca: We have business to discuss.

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