Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/13/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/13/16


Provided By Darlene

Cane: What is going on?

Hilary: Your wife just snapped, that's what!

Lily: I threw a drink in her face. I'm surprised it didn't melt.

Adam: Hey. Where you been?

Chelsea: Don't get mad.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: Promise?

Adam: Well, no.

Chelsea: I wanted to make sure that [Sighs] I knew and he knew that we are not threatened by him. He was rocking the double denim, by the way.

Adam: Yeah, he looks good in it, doesn't he? So -- so what'd you do? You walked in there and said, uh, you know, "Hey, Vic, you look good in them duds," and then you walked out?

Chelsea: Because that sounds so much like me?

Adam: What did you say?

Chelsea: I told him that he's not gonna win this time and that we would make sure whatever plan he has to try to sneak his way out of there would backfire.

Adam: Wow. Well, I'm sure he loved that. Let me guess -- he gave you the ol' trifecta? Equal parts narcissism, sarcasm, and amusement?

Chelsea: Oh, you're forgetting the passive-aggressive threats of revenge.

Adam: Oh, yes. The passive-aggressive threats of revenge, because what would a sundae be without the cherry on top, right?

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