Best Y&R Lines Monday 4/18/16

Y&R Best Lines Monday 4/18/16


Provided By Darlene

Billy: I don't know what's gonna happen with you three. Jack didn't mention anything. I didn't bother to ask him, but I'm assuming that there's not gonna be a lot there.

Natalie: Even for me?

Billy: Well, you might be okay because they're gonna need you to fix some things and whatnot. Victoria's gonna be busy trying to out-titan a titan, and Jack is gonna have to fix a $5 million hole in the side of the corporate budget that I put there. I'm assuming with profits and everything and my old salary, there's not gonna be much left.

Natalie: I was really starting to dig the whole glamour kitten thing. But if we're gonna share in the profits, I guess it's back to Geekville.

Phyllis: If Victoria thinks she's gonna ace Billy out of Jabot and win him back, obviously she's never met Billy Abbott.

Jack: They were married. They have two kids.

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