Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/8/16

Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/8/16


Provided By Darlene

Phyllis: I told you I was going to the bar and beg them to understand.

Michael: That's a lovely offer. But, um, it's too late for that.

Jack: Michael, we are both sorry, and we want to help in any way that we can.

Michael: That's another lovely offer. But no, thank you. Just show up on time for your deposition.

Phyllis: Okay, stop talking like a legal robot. You are upset. I get that. We took a gamble trying to take Victor down, and we lost.

Michael: What did you lose? Your job? Your reputation? Oh, right. That was me!

Natalie: It'll never work. Too many variables. We'd need a spreadsheet to coordinate our alleged facts.

Mariah: And not to mention if we slip up, that means jail time.

Kevin: And I'm the guy who can't take jail. Like, rocking in the corner at the thought of it. And the thought of being in the same cellblock as Victor Newman?

Mariah: Look, he's breaking into a sweat already. He's practically calling for his mommy.

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