Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/14/16

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/14/16


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Kevin: Well, technically, this is only happening because Billy didn't make it.

Victor: Well, that's an unfortunate result of the path he took, you know?

Kevin: I just don't want it to seem like I'm dancing on his grave.

Victor: You afraid he will rise from the dead and haunt you for the deal you made with me?

Victoria: [Sighs] I took millions of pictures of him with the kids... rolling around on the floor, building forts, reading books. I stuck photos of him asleep on the couch with Katherine on his chest, and... it's not enough. It's never gonna be enough. This shouldn't be happening. You know that, right? [Sobbing] This shouldn't be happening. [Sobs]

Billy: Vick. Vick. Vick. That first night, that New Year's Eve, you -- you took my hand and you led me out of the gutter, literally. It was snowing, and I was a mess. You laughed at my boxer shorts. Maybe it was the way it was supposed to be, Vick, because deep down, I'm an idiot. The smartest thing I ever did was marry you. So smart, I did it three times.

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