Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/21/15

Y&R Best Lines Monday 12/21/15


Provided By Darlene

Devon: [Chuckles] Gwen, you let me believe my wife was dead for months. And now you ask me for a job?

Dr. Neville: No, no, no. You see, that sorry excuse of an espresso machine gets the water too hot. So consequently the coffee is acidic. However, observe. Watch this. Pinch of salt. And presto. Mmm. My taste buds are saved. Perfect. How, you may ask? It's simple. As the salt crystals dissolve, they release sodium ions, which, in turn, prevent the bitter molecules from attacking your palate. It's fascinating, actually. On paper, it's just basic chemistry. In reality, it's sort of, uh, well, it's a magic trick in your mouth, actually. You should try it sometime. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Did I seriously just hear you say "magic trick in your mouth" to a teenager?

Ashley: Can you understand that if I stake my reputation, I need to make sure there's a return and that Hilary's recovery was not just a fluke.

Dr. Neville: Hmm. Well, I can see why you'd be concerned, given that, heretofore, your lofty scientific focus has been wrinkle cream and the eradication of cellulite on the odd aromatic age-defiant thigh, all of which admittedly are critical to the survival of the species.

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