Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/16/15

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 12/16/15


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Adam: All right. What are we toasting to? The holidays? A toast to our son? Us? We should toast to us, babe.

Chelsea: How about the fact that you came home from the office today.

Adam: I mean, you know, it's go-- it's good. It's, um -- it's good. It's not romantic. I like my toasts to have a lyrical quality to them. How about your beauty? We could toast to your beauty.

Chelsea: No, listen. That's what I'm saying is you coming home from the office today is romantic. It means we have a normal life after everything you've been through. We're just normal people having a normal life. I mean, not that you and I are really normal, by any means.

Adam: No, no, no. And don't say that again. Lightning will strike.

Chelsea: Oh. Now you're talking. You didn't have much to say before Victor left other than the fact that you would be happy to stay at Newman Enterprises?

Adam: Well, yeah. You know, I was overwhelmed by the old man's good cheer. You know?

Chelsea: Adam, if I had a drink of champagne every time he used the word "family," I would be passed out by now. You know he does that intentionally just to get to you, right? And -- and it works.

Adam: It's not done for my benefit, babe. He -- he -- you know, that's just -- that's how he talks. He talks that way. You know that. Family all the time.

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