Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 11/18/15

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/18/15


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Victoria: I'm really starting to wonder if this whole shared-space thing is such a hot idea.

Billy: Oh, it's just first-day jitters. It'll be fine. Oh, that reminds me. I grabbed a new coffee maker out of our stash for your break room. Consider it A...early Christmas present or a late birthday present -- whatever.

Victoria: You're awfully giddy about all this.

Billy: Well, it's my idea. Why wouldn't I want it to work?

Billy: Have you two lost your minds? Look, even if I wanted to do this, I wouldn't have any idea how to go about it. I'm not some computer genius.

Ashley: It doesn't take a genius to find a hacker, and you know it.

Billy: Okay. All right. Why don't we back up and have a look at this for a second? None of the computer people that we have hired have been able to do anything with Paragon, right? It appears to be hack-proof. And as to me hiring my own hacker, I don't hang out on the dark web or whatever that thing is. I wouldn't know where to find somebody. You know what? And I'm offended I have to sit here and explain myself to you guys. I have nothing to do with paragon. I wouldn't do that to Newman. I sure as hell wouldn't do it to bot.

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