Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/5/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/5/15


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Adam: I care about my son, and I care about Chelsea. They were here tonight. They could have been hurt. Innocent people could be dead!

Ian: An innocent person is dead. You killed her, remember? That's how this all started -- when you killed that little girl whose picture's about to burn up. When you wanted to destroy your daddy because he didn't love you enough. You lit the match, Adam. It's too late to cry "fire" now. [Chuckles] Come on. Before we skedaddle, let's drink a toast to our incredibly wonderful success.

Adam: You son of a bitch.

Adam: It's gonna be hotter where you're headed, I'll tell you that.

Ian: What? Am I supposed to be afraid? Buckle up, my boy. You shook hands with the devil.

Adam: It didn't have to be like this!

Ian: What happened to you, Adam? We have a common enemy, a common goal -- destroy Victor Newman, make him cry tears of blood. Well, look around! Huh? We succeeded. This is power! This is winning! We did this!

Adam: No, you did this! Paragon was about bringing down Newman Enterprises.

Ian: Well, was I too literal?

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