Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/23/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 10/23/15


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Billy: I need to go let Victoria know.

Adam: I'm not gonna get another chance to say this to you. When you were on the stand, testifying... [Sighs] When you said you forgave me, I didn't expect --

Billy: I did what I needed to do. It wasn't for you and it wasn't a favor, and I don't want your gratitude. It was for me and my daughter.

Billy: This is where I wanted to be, not in that courtroom. I just wanted to talk to my daughter.

Kevin: She was still alive when we got to the hospital. Things were looking bad, but they kept her on life support in case her parents wanted to donate her organs. I was Delia's parent, too. I was her stepdad. And since Chloe was so distraught by the trial that she left town and since Billy has left the building, that leaves me to say... she was my daughter. And you killed her. I've committed crimes, so I understand telling yourself it's over, it's done. What could a confession change? How could that possibly make things any better? I'll tell you. [Voice breaking] We all wouldn't have spent the last year thinking... asking... crying... and bleeding... the same two words over and over again... "Why?" And "how?" That is your crime, Adam, and that is what I cannot forgive. And you had the answers to those questions, and you hid them. Now you're asking for compassion from us when you showed none. [Sighs] So, your honor, that's why I am asking that you punish Adam Newman to the fullest extent of the law.

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