Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/22/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/22/15


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Victor: Yeah. Chelsea 2.0 and brash & sassy! My God, the sales figures were enormous. Except they were an illusion created by Paragon. Now, that fate might befall all the companies that you have pillaged from Newman.

Ashley: I haven't pillaged anything and you know it. Everything was purchased legally and aboveboard.

Victor: Now, you know if I can't stop the damn virus, it'll soon be on your doorstep.

Ashley: I don't know. When that virus was unleashed, Newman was the only target.

Victor: You know what happens with some arrows? They miss their target. But on the way to the target, they destroy everything in its path. Hopefully, that doesn't happen with Jabot.

Adam: How am I doing? Fantastic. Fantastic. Other than, you know, the fact that I'm gonna be spending the next many, many years of my life in prison. That sucks.

Jack: We don't know that you're gonna be found guilty.

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