Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/15/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/15/15


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Noah: Oh, are you kidding me? I-I-I couldn't be more excited. [Chuckles] And I-I brought pictures of Faith and, uh, Summer and myself so you can put them where the baby can see them.

Nick: So he can get to know your mugs. I like it.

Noah: Yeah, I like it, too. Unfortunately, it wasn't my idea. It was Sage's.

Sage: Yeah, I wanted them all to be a part of Christian's life from the start.

Noah: Yeah. Hey there, little guy. Hi. I'm your big brother, Noah. Oh, man. How are you doing in there? I'm so glad to finally meet you. And finally I got another guy to be on my side with all these sisters of ours. Hey, buddy. I can't wait till you're out of here, you know? 'Cause I-I've, uh -- I have a lot to teach you, you know? I got to teach you, uh, how to wakeboard on the lake in the summer and how to drive the snowmobile in the winter, how to act unsurprised about, uh, Grandpa's latest activities. Oh, hey, uh, I'm gonna be the one to teach you all about women, okay? Who am I kidding? You probably know more than me already, huh?

Nick: You and Christian are both fighters. He knows there's a great, big world out there for him. He's gonna go after it with everything he's got.

Sage: Amen.

Noah: Yeah. I'm gonna get going, okay? Got a busy day. But, hey, kid. Listen, you got it pretty good. I happen to know from experience that, uh, you got a pretty great dad... and a very special mom.

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