Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/2/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 10/2/15


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Billy: Victor might want my head. He might even dream at night about hanging it over his mantel. But here it is still firmly affixed to the rest of me.

Kyle: Billy, this is Newman Enterprises we're talking about here. Do you really think that victor won't come after you for taking advantage of what's basically stolen property?!

Victor: Sweetheart, with all due respect, the virus has deeply penetrated the system, okay? It can't just be turned on and off. It's in remote servers that have already stolen the necessary data from all the memory banks.

Abby: Okay, okay. That's -- that's very complicated. So while we wait for the new experts, what if we distract the media with an announcement or a publicity stunt?

Victoria: A stunt? Oh, that's a great idea. What are you gonna do? Ride around on your horsey naked while the rest of the world focuses on that and not a multi-national freefall?

Abby: Well, Victoria, it's called brainstorming.

Victor: Please stop all the babble right now! Damn it! Don't have time for this!

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