Best Y&R Lines Thursday 7/30/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 7/30/15


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Lauren: Are you here seeing a client?

Michael: And other lawyerly stuff. You?

Lauren: Oh, I just came back from the hospital.

Michael: Oh. You saw Paul?

Lauren: Yeah. He's actually doing pretty well. He's ordering around everybody and insisting on getting released.

Michael: That sounds about right.

Mariah: Yes. It was bad enough that you wanted us to keep our mouths shut about Marco being your ex when you thought he was dead.

Marisa: But his associates --

Mariah: Yes, yes, we know. His associates -- they're gonna find you. They're gonna track you down and get revenge. Blah, blah, blah.

Noah: This isn't a joke, Mariah.

Mariah: You're damn right it's not a joke. Marco himself could track her down, and us along with her.

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