Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 7/29/15

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/29/15


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Billy: ...Is having a field day with the details -- shootings, false sons, executive shuffle. There's no rush, but when are you coming back to the office?

Jack: Not yet.

Billy: Okay. All right. So, not this morning. Maybe this afternoon. 2:00-ish, let's say?

Jack: I'm not gonna nail down a day or a time. Just not yet.

Billy: You do realize that the longer you stay away, the more bloated and puffed up Victor becomes. Why don't you just come back down there and stick a pin in the guy?

Harding: Well, that's how you flee jurisdiction, huh? Back by morning. Way to commit, Bingham.

Adam: All right. Look, I didn't come here to talk to you.

Harding: No, no. I know. You came here to talk to the big man himself, but chief's away on a medical situation, so you get lowly old me instead. But, uh, don't worry. I got a speech prepared and everything. [Clears throat] Gabriel Bingham, you're under arrest for obstructing an officer. Anything you say can and will -- and I mean, seriously, will be used against you in a court of law, and people will cheer. You have the right to an attorney, provided you can find one that doesn't want to kick you in the head.

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