Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/28/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/28/15


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Billy: You keep tempting fate the way that you have been this year, and next time, you might not.

Jack: You know, having a building falling on me or mustache putting a bullet in me wasn't exactly my idea.

Billy: [Chuckles] No, I guess not. But the totaled Ferrari's on you.

Anita: Well, what other way isn't there for a toddler to be fine? I mean, especially one that lives in a fancy penthouse with two people that love him.

Chelsea: Connor knows he's loved.

Anita: Of course, he does. Especially by his mama and his grand-- well, me. And Gabe, that hunk of gorgeous that couldn't love him any more, even if he was his own son. I mean, he is super-hot and such a super dad. [Sighs] What more could you ask for, Chelsea?

Chelsea: You've really always been Gabe's cheerleader. And you've also been Billy's cheerleader. Dylan's cheerleader. Even Adam's cheerleader. I really don't know why I listen to you, Mom.

Anita: Because I want you to be happy.

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