Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/14/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/15


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Adam: You got me. [Chuckles] I'm Adam Newman. You got me. I had some plastic surgery, and I'm an identity thief, apparently. I, um... also, you know, Elvis is alive, unicorns do exist, and I -- come on, Chelsea. I-I was -- I don't know. I was -- I was messing around. I was having a little fun. I-I had too much to drink, maybe -- some cham-- I was trying to rile up the old Lurch here, that's all. This guy -- did you ever notice his eyes sort of follow you around the room no matter where you go. It's creepy.

Chelsea: That's the other thing. How do you know that nickname -- "Lurch"?

Adam: How do I know that? Everybody knows -- everybody knows that.

Michael: Doesn't matter. It's a simple thing. You can even keep your fingers crossed behind your back if you like. But you will apologize to that greasy lummox, and we will walk out of here free and clear. Baby steps. Okay? Let's go. Joe... my client would like to say something to you.

Avery: Joe, I'm very sorry. I'm sorry that I ever met you. I'm sorry you came to Genoa City. And right now I'm sorry I shot that bullet in the ceiling and not into your face!

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