Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/26/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 6/26/15


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Nikki: Safe from what? What are you protecting us from?

Marco: The guarantee on this vest says it'll stop a bullet traveling 1,023 miles an hour. I guess if it comes at 1,024, I'm not gonna be around to get my money back.

Adam: My god, I feel like you might be out of your -- your mind. You know, there are so many things that could go wrong with this --

Jack: Well, how did he get my brother and my sisters to agree to it?

Marisa: You'd be surprised by how persuasive Marco can be.

Jack: I feel like I got hit in the head and woke up in Oz. Newmans and Abbotts working to-- who's running the company?

Marisa: Why does it matter?

Jack: Because my father founded and built that company! That's why! I can't do this. I can't stay holed up like this. I don't care how dangerous Marco is. I'm going to that park tonight.

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