Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/8/15

Y&R Best Lines Monday 6/8/15


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Lauren: You did this.

Michael: No, I'm not the one who kissed Cane.

Lauren: No, you kept making this all about the fact that you couldn't satisfy me. I didn't even realize...

Michael: What are you talking about?

Lauren: Your the dishwasher, and your shirts in our closet, and your scent. You took it away.

Michael: I understand you want to --

Lauren: No, you understand that my bed is empty, because I'm all about that...according to you. But you took the stroking of my hair away, and the rubbing of my shoulders... and the holding of my hand. Your words... your laughter, your footsteps... all of your sounds, you -- you left. And you left me with nothing, not even -- not even a sliver of our marriage that I could hold on to. You -- you left me untouched... and unloved and unwanted. And I was starving. I was starving for one look, just one look...where you weren't rejecting me, you weren't judging me, and you weren't trying to shove me away. And you sit there in your "I'm the one with cancer" arrogance, and you accuse me of kissing cane because I'm sexual. I kissed cane because I'm human. And I'm the one who's dying inside of loneliness. You did that. You did it.

Avery: You enjoying yourself, Joe?

Joe: Yeah, I'm not sure.

Avery: Oh, is it the wine? No, wait. It's my outfit, isn't it? This is hardly -- hardly the clothes for seduction, isn't it? I'm gonna go to my bedroom and change.

Joe: I don't need you --

Avery: No, that's right. You don't need clothes at all, do you? You just want me naked. That's fine. You want me naked, like you always do. Come on!

Joe: I don't want you to --

Avery: We gonna be in the bedroom? No, let's -- let's do it here. Here, right on the sofa. Get down, 'cause that's what you want, right? You want me all willing and wanting you.

Joe: Avery, no --

Avery: Any second now, Joe, I'm gonna remember.

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