Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/5/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 6/5/15


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Marco: That is a weapon of a very different kind. This is a log of every meeting we've ever had, starting with the day you found me in a Peruvian prison. I go into great detail about how you brought me here, how we bagged Jack on his wedding night and put me in his place.

Victor: I thought only young girls kept diaries.

Marco: Dismiss it at your peril, my friend. I have documented very clearly everything, including your offer to make me a very rich man if I could help you engineer this merger between your company and Jack's, all here in this little flash drive.

Marisa: I would hope so! Now, tell me about this place where you've hidden the captain's money -- the heartland, you call it.

Jack: Genoa City, Wisconsin. Beautiful part of the country. Gently rolling hills and... lots of streams and lakes and woods and... little family farms that dot the countryside, farms you can drive right up to in the summer and get the best sweet corn and strawberries you ever tasted. Go to Geneva Lake to sail or go up to Granite Peak to do some skiing. And the city itself is -- it's beautiful. Culture and night life and museums and the university, and... I work in a company there that I own called Jabot Cosmetics, and I work with my -- with many talented people, people I care about, people I love having in my life, people -- people who...[Voice breaking] I miss a lot. I can't describe how I miss all of it.

Marisa: Your new home -- you make it sound... captivating. I see a side of you I never knew existed.

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