Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/21/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/21/15


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Billy: I guess that she forgot to take me off the emergency contact list.

Adam: I mean, it's pretty late. You're just now getting home? When a kid is sick, you bring him home, Billy. It's what you do.

Adam: No, Gabe, actually, when a kid is sick, you take him to the pediatrician. Then you clear off everything on your schedule, then you sit in the clinic for over an hour, then you beg the doctor to see your child before the clinic closes, and then you get some food in him. You fill out the prescription, you pick that up, you come back here, and that's what you do. So if you want to tell me again, in that condescending tone, how late it is, feel free.

Joe: You know, I actually pushed her to Genoa City. And guess what happened? She saw Dylan all cozied up to Sharon. So if you want to blame someone, to talk to Dylan.

Phyllis: Are you finished with your generous, self-sacrificing act? Because, see, I'm not buying it. And eventually, my smart sister won't, either. So get better, or don't. But quit using Avery.

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