Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/19/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 5/19/15


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Kyle: What happened to the golf pants?

Jack: I am rededicating myself to this business. From now on, we hit the links on weekends only.

Kyle: Aw, I'm gonna miss seeing you shank balls into the woods.

Jack: Careful.

Kyle: It's probably for the best that you're taking a break, because you have developed a pretty nasty slice there in the last few months.

Adam: Hey. Where the hell did everyone go? It's like a ghost town in here. You scare everyone off?

Victoria: Ben and Abby are doing field work.

Adam: That sounds exciting. Considering they're in completely different departments, that's not suspicious at all, is it?

Victoria: Moving on.

Adam: Okay. Moving on -- moving on -- where's Ashley?

Victoria: Well, you know, she waltzes in here whenever she likes to pretend that she doesn't take orders from me.

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