Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/5/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 5/5/15


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Kyle: Well, the other evening, I put together this amazing big dinner thing for me and summer here at the club, actually. I rented out the whole rooftop, I flew in a chef from New York, bought her this beautiful necklace -- and, long story short, she walked out on me.

Jack: Well, that must have bruised your ego.

Kyle: Ha ha, no, Dad, I'm an Abbott. This ego doesn't bruise. Excuse me.

Mariah: I'll tell you how. Cone of invincibility. It's around the whole building.

Faith: Is that a real thing?

Mariah: What? Are you kidding me?

Kevin: I am shocked. Speechless. Well, almost speechless.

Faith: How do they work?

Kevin: Well, no one actually knows. But, trust me, they're real. I've got one around my house, my car, and my pet iguana. Not a scratch on any of 'em.

Faith: You don't have a pet iguana.

Mariah: Mm. You're caught. It's true, he doesn't, but if he did, it would be invincible.

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