Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/24/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/24/15


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Joe: Yeah. Well, if you're wondering if I can wiggle my toes yet, no such luck. But I did tell the doctor I'm not gonna fight his decision of moving me to Chicago to that fancy nursing home he wants to put me in.

Avery: It's not a nursing home. It is a state-of-the-art clinic that specializes in spinal injuries. I checked it out. It's an excellent facility.

Joe: Yeah, great. I'll be popping wheelies in that chair in no time, but that's probably as far as I'm gonna go.

Avery: You'd love it if I wanted Joe, wouldn't you? You're thrilled to have Dylan constantly running over here, being your white knight.

Sharon: Well, why would you care? You're practically living by Joe's bedside.

Avery: You're the one who can't go two minutes without a man to lean on. You drove Nick away. Now you're latching on to his brother, which I guess is no surprise there, given your obsession with the men in this family. You've gone through them all -- Adam, even Victor!

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