Best Y&R Lines Thursday 4/23/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 4/23/15


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Chelsea: Well?

Billy: Well, it's still there. Jack made a deal with victor on purpose. Here they are smiling, shaking hands. You know, there's got to be only one explanation for this. Pod people. Alien impostors have come down to take over the world.

Chelsea: Or this is Jack's choice and we have to deal with it.

Billy: Or someone needs to smack the hell out of him and make him see sense.

Chelsea: Jack going rogue -- I mean, why -- why are you making this about Gabriel?

Billy: You're right. It's not about him. With any luck, he's gone for good and we'll have new neighbors by next week. In the meantime, I got to figure out how to keep the Abbott family from being completely waylaid by snidely. Time to circle the wagons.

Chelsea: I didn't know you had a wagon.

Billy: Oh, we have wagons. A whole fleet of them. I'll keep you posted.

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