Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 4/21/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/21/15


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Phyllis: You -- what is with this wild-man routine? You are insatiable. I mean, is this what happens when you get married?

Jack: It is when I have a honeymoon in St. Barts with such a hot, sexy woman.

Phyllis: Honey, really, I love feeling like a teenager -- I do -- whose parents have left home and her boyfriend has come over with his hormones and a box of condoms.

Winston: What a lucky man.

Hilary: Who?

Winston: Your husband. You're such a devoted wife that you're willing to sleep with the ADA for him? But then what's another notch on your bedpost when you've already had an affair with your stepson?

Hilary: Congratulations. You did enough homework to know the whole story, just not enough to know who the hell I was.

Winston: I thought I'd seen my share of vicious predators in this job, but you, Mrs. Winters, are in a class by yourself.

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