Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/17/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/17/15


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Billy: I kissed Victoria. I did. I... it was right after I happened to get into this fight with Gabriel. And the guy is an unbelievable jerk, by the way. He totally had it coming. He sucker-punched me with this -- anyway, um... after he left, Victoria was there, and we got talking. And it got to be emotional, and I don't even know what happened, Chels. We felt like we were under this spell or something on the verge of...

Chelsea: Kissing?

Billy: Yeah. Only neither of us held back.

Chelsea: So, what does this mean? That Victoria's the one you really want?

Billy: No, I regretted it right after it happened! I'm always gonna care about Victoria, but I don't love her anymore. I-I love you. And all I could think about was coming back here and telling you what happened because I don't want there to be any lies or secrets between us.

Adam: Oh, good. I really hope that's the last of your stuff. You know, I don't need you coming back for that strategic leave-behind. Chelsea's gonna be spending a lot more time here. It'll get a little awkward, I think.

Sage: You guys gonna play boyfriend and girlfriend, huh? You know this whole thing's gonna blow up in your face.

Adam: Only if you open your big mouth. And I think I've made that very clear how devastating that would be for you, right?

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