Best Y&R Lines Monday 3/30/15

Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/30/15


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Jack: Oh, Billy, there are no guarantees when it comes to the future.

Billy: I know. I do. I just, um... okay. All right. Here come those... three words you love so much -- you were right. I let Gabe get to me. I let him feel like a threat to my relationship with Chelsea, and I just feel so pathetic. I know how that sounds. It's --

Jack: No, it sounds perfectly human, but fear of losing someone is no reason to jump into a marriage.

Billy: You're gonna make me say it again, aren't you?

Jack: Yeah, I don't hear it that often.

Phyllis: Yes, but we're going away. We're gonna do it privately, just the two of us. So, there's no need for a maid of honor.

Avery: Wait. You were gonna ask me to be your maid of honor?

Phyllis: You're my sister.

Avery: Well, I thought that was more of an annoyance than something that had significant meaning to you.

Phyllis: Well, you know what they say about a year in a coma. It stirs up all kinds of feelings.

Avery: Hmm. Like the bond between sisters?

Phyllis: Oh, the bond that can never be broken. Unless one of them tries to commit the other into an insane asylum.

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