Best Y&R Lines Friday 3/27/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 3/27/15


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Stitch: I need another drink.

Abby: You know what? I'm not sure that's the best idea. Fine, I will order you some more fresh booze, or maybe some less potent sustenance? [Chuckles]

Stitch: Oh, Abby.

Abby: Oh! You remember my name. Good bodyguard. Okay, what's it gonna be, coffee or tequila?

Mariah: This totally creeps me out.

Kevin: What? Me working on Austin's computer?

Mariah: He is dead.

Kevin: Well, I can brave the heebie-jeebies if it helps us figure out who killed him.

Mariah: Doesn't it totally gross you out that whoever did this had time to ransack his computer after bashing his head in?

Kevin: How do you know they didn't ransack, then bash?

Mariah: I don't, but neither sounds very appealing. It's the "bash" part that sucks.

Kevin: [Sighing] Yeah. Ransacking, I can handle. Bashing -- not so much.

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