Best Y&R Lines Friday 3/13/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 3/13/15


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Summer: This is what it was like when I first met him. The way that he blamed my Aunt Avery for the way that his mom died -- he just had so much hate in his voice. And then it was gone and he said it was because of me, but... I guess it really wasn't.

Mariah: That's right, snowflake. You married a son of a bitch, and your magic lovin' didn't turn him into an angel. How will your ego survive?

Billy: Yeah, you guys get a weird vibe off of them?

Ashley: Sounds like you do.

Jack: The Abbotts are in no position to judge weird.

Billy: Yeah, I resemble that remark.

Ashley: Look at you two. Abbott brothers comedy team. How about for an encore you plan a double wedding?

Phyllis: Or not.

Chelsea: Phyllis is right. She and Jack deserve their own special day. And don't worry. We won't try to steal your thunder. Billy and I are happy to postpone our wedding until you two say "I do."

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