Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/25/15

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 2/25/15


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Nick: I'm good. The big news is my dad's okay.

Sage: He made it?!

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: That's so great. I'm so happy for you. Victor is unreal.

Nick: Yeah, he is. You're no slouch yourself. At the underground, I really had to up my game. You were so calm. The whole time, I wanted to scream out like a little girl.

Sage: I had a nervous breakdown about my sad, pitiful life.

Nick: There's nothing sad and pitiful about it. But you do owe me a rain check, 'cause I wasn't kidding. I want to get to know you better. And at the club, you kind of gave me the brush-off, 'cause it was destroyed and stuff. But I'm not giving up. So, tough luck.

Sage: I don't want you to give up.

Adam: Don't mind me, you two. I'll just head back to the vending machines where they have the pretzels.

Nick: Bingo. What's up? Well, this is a little awkward. I did tell you I knew about you and Sage's business arrangement, right?

Adam: Yeah. But still, we got to be careful with this whole marriage thing. There's a lot at stake. You wouldn't want anybody to lose their inheritance. The executor has taken a hard line.

Sage: There's a lot at stake, but we are celebrating because Nick's father made it out of the building alive.

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