Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/22/15

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/22/15


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Summer: I'm so excited we finally get to hang out. Weren't we supposed to be seeing a lot of each other during your winter break?

Fenmore: Yeah, that was the plan. What's been keeping you so busy?

Summer: Hmm. Austin.

Fenmore: Oh, the husband. Does he require regular maintenance?

Summer: No. We just really enjoy spending time together.

Fenmore: Nice. So, the married life is going well?

Summer: Yeah, no, it's going great. The only thing that could make it go any better would be if Mariah would keep her grabby lips off of my husband.

Austin: Yeah, I get why you kissed me. You were upset, and you were acting out.

Mariah: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I didn't know you could be so astute.

Austin: Yeah, but look, it can't happen again. I know you were angry, but kissing me -- that was selfish. And you never know who you're gonna hurt.

Mariah: Ah, you mean precious snowflake.

Austin: Actually, I'm talking about someone you care about.

Mariah: What are you talking about?

Austin: If you're not careful, you could screw things up with Kevin.

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