Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 1/13/15

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 1/13/15


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Hilary: [Swallows a birth control pill] Mm-hmm. You know, Neil, um, a baby would be a blessing, right, but we can't assume that --

Neil: Hey, making a baby means we get to stay busy in the bedroom.

Hilary: [Chuckles]

Neil: We are already blessed in life. We found each other. You know what I'm doing? I'm researching new products, new methods for raising a baby, caring for a baby. I'm gonna stay on top of all this stuff because I'm looking out for you, baby. I'm looking out for my wife.

Phyllis: It was just an "oh." Nothing to do with the fact that Blondie works there. You ever notice how many blondes I have to deal with? They're pains in the butt. Her, Sharon, my sister some days.

Jack: Well, that was a very nice tangent.

Phyllis: Thank you. I thought so myself.

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