Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/9/15

Y&R Best Lines Friday 1/9/15


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Billy: Hey, Chelsea. I'm gonna take off. I'll be back, um... a lot sooner than I planned. That's a nice view. What are you doing down there? Lose one of your sketches?

Chelsea: No, I'm looking for a car.

Billy: That makes perfect sense.

Chelsea: Connor's toy car. He's been asking for it all morning. I have no idea where it went. I could have sworn it was right here yesterday. [Sighs] I mean, it's not like the thing just rolled off on its own. [Sighs]

Adam: Well, that's not gonna last. No, she doesn't love him this much.

Sage: I know, I know. She loves you. But, oops, you're dead.

Adam: You know what? That place looked identical to the way it did when I lived in it. What does that tell you?

Sage: It tells me that you're obsessing about the past and you need to be present now. We have things to do. We have a funeral to plan. Did you forget that the minister's gonna come over here and discuss the service tonight?

Adam: He's coming over tonight?!

Sage: Yes.

Adam: Ugh! That's not gonna give me enough time to play with my car, Sage!

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